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For laying asphalt in smaller areas


The Sprider is most effective when laying asphalt or macadam in small or difficult areas, for example areas which are irregular shapes, or with restricted access where using a conventional surfacing machine would be both impractical and uneconomical.

Better use of time

Sprider makes better use of the available time on site as laying can start immediately. Also, all materials are placed in a controlled way exactly where needed, so not time is wasted in cleaning up at the end of the job.

Sprider saves work

Compared with hand-laying, Spriders save a great deal of time and effort. Laying with a sprider normally needs only a three-man gang, including the driver. This saves the cost of at least one, and possibly two, operatives. All the laborious manual work of shovelling heavy material is eliminated, and even the raking is made easier as the rotating action of the delivery screw improves the workability of the mix. Eliminating the heavy manual work reduces the risk of back strain and other injuries, which benefits both the operatives and the employees.


Higher quality job

The temperature of the materials when laid greatly affects the quality of the finished job. With the Sprider, the material is covered at all times in a well-insulated truck, which maintains the working temperature for many hours. Even the delivery arm is insulated, which makes using a Sprider the ideal choice when the work involves work in several locations.

Benefits from using the Sprider

Surfacing with a Sprider benefits most of those involved. A high level of efficiency in laying means that more material is laid in a shorter time, which could provide better financial rewards for the operatives, a more profitable proposition for the employer, and a better quality job for the end customer. Cost savings are achieved by a combination of a number of factors better productivity, reduced labour and plant costs, the elimination of waste, and no unproductive time wasted cleaning up at the end of the job.

When the Sprider is undertaking work on the highway it is only necessary to close one traffic lane, thereby reducing congestion and increasing safety.

Bitmen Products is the UK Distributor for Sprider.

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Last modified: June 14, 2005